Thursday, November 5, 2009

Let the Festivities Begin!

The season has officially begun. Halloween is behind us, so now begins our holiday season.

Not only do we have the upcoming biggies, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we also have the minor celebrations. For our family, that includes two sleep-over birthday parties, a Christmas cookie decorating party and an evening gathering / open house.

It seems so funny for me to think of that. Typically, I think of myself as very shy and reserved. I am the introvert. The one content to sit and people watch.

But just as happened to me years past, when I invited countless unknown people to my house for a "get to know you" gathering, happened when we moved here.

I thought appeared and would not let go: "Open your home. Invite them...." And so I did. And I found that I loved it. I enjoy having people gather, sit, chat. My home filled with joy, with laughter...

I am grateful for That Voice, and Those Thoughts that don't let me go. They change my life immeasurably for the better!

May I listen...

May I follow....

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