Saturday, November 28, 2009

Birthday Number 8

My kids celebrated their eigth birthday on Thanksgiving Day. They are quite the pair and in this photo, the Girl-child is saying "HEY! He blew out MY candle too!"

They have been such a gift. Their laughter, their antics. Even some of their sassiness is kind of amusing (usually after the fact). They have taught me so much through the years: on faith, devotion, discipline, unconditional love.

It's hard for me to believe we're half-way to drivers licenses, and even closer to puberty. I feel like there is so much they have to learn, and so much I hope they never do. They remind me that there is much to pray for... even on days when I don't know any specific "needs".

They remind me that I need to model appropriate behavior even when I don't think they are watching.... usually I am wrong and they are.

They remind me of the importance of cooperation and co-parenting.

They need to witness forgiveness, respect, responsibility, boundaries. They need to experience love and joy and encouragement, and frustration and perseverance. They need to see surrender and awe and worship.

The thought of responsibility I have and the influence of my life and my mothering is humbling.

I am grateful to have a Heavenly Example, and a village, and for Philippians 4:13....

I sure can't do it alone.

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