Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Making Preparations

I have begun the season of preparations: Birthdays (x2), Thanksgiving, get togethers with friends, Christmas....

Fortunately, I have the gifts of "planning" and "list making" (sometimes mistaken for compulsivity and control). Seriously - they can be double-edged swords. It all depends on how I used them and their ultimate importance in my life.

Used correctly, they can pull together a special event. Incorrectly, I'm on a solo mission, without God.

My daughter's birthday celebration is Friday night. I have ordered the cupcakes and the goody boxes, plates, table cloth..... invitations have been sent. The house still needs cleaning and the goody boxes need filling, but there is time yet... it will get done.

Ultimately, it's a party, celebrating eight years here on earth. Yes, I want it to be special, but it doesn't have to be perfect. It is not a life or death event.

May I use my gifts for good, with the proper perspective. May I plan and prepare without compulsion and control.

May she have a blast and know that she is well loved!

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