Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Answers are Within...

"The answers are within" is one of those phrases that I believe is true.... from the right perspective. I also believe that through the years, the focus has shifted... and the caveat lost: "within me" doesn't mean "from me"...

More often than not, when I am searching for an answer, I already know it.... I am just not yet willing to acknowledge it. In those situations, I'll keep coming back to it, but deny it over and over again.

"Can't be right... too easy".

"Can't be right... too hard".

"Can't be right... it just can't".

"Can't be right... I don't want that!"

Yet, I keep returning to it....finally, I surrender. The whirling in my brain ceases, and my heart can begin it's journey. In the end, I realize " Yup, it's right".

There are also times when I truly don't know the answer. I seek council from friends, advisors, the internet. Finally, when I've exhausted those options, I take time to sit with God. I ask Him for guidance, wisdom, discernment.... courage, humility, grace. There, I find answers.

One important note, however....

They are not MY answers. They are not answers based upon MY "wisdom", MY will/power, MY authority. Those "answers" get me into trouble... fast! My answers are based in fear, in extremes, and in avoiding painful situations. His are based in love, balance and grace. Sometimes they are messy.... and painful. But, they lead to truth, and abundant life. They free me from my chains.

The answers are within me. Whisperings of the Spirit. When I am quiet enough to listen, I hear. When I am stubborn enough to ignore, He waits patiently, or speaks louder. When I continue in my ways, I reap what I sow.

May I listen. May I hear. May I walk where You lead.

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