Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Day of Rest

This week has not gone as planned...our holiday weekend got extended a day due to sick kids. I have been confined to the house for more days than are good for my mental health. I've not gotten nearly as much done as I had intended.

So, it was to be my day to tidy up and get a few of those five minute jobs completed. I absolutely needed to walk the dog. I fed the kids breakfast, and completed my run on my treadmill. And then, I knew what I had to do. *I* had to go to bed... just for an hour. It hit me hard. "MUST REST".

I lay down, I doubt I dozed, really. Near the end of the hour, my son asked for lunch. I got up and prepared soup for him and his sister... and returned to bed.

For me, a day of rest. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, there's no getting around it. After six hours in the bed, I feel much better...close to human. At this rate, I will be well by morning. There were days when I didn't listen, and pressed forward and was downright SICK.

I'm sure that this "day of rest" is a "gift" from my son and his flu virus. I am grateful that I am better able to listen to the command to rest. I am grateful for my "village", who rallied around me. I am blessed beyond my wildest imaginings...

Heal us, Lord...

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