Monday, February 9, 2009

A Midsummer's Night... in February...

My family has a tradition.... every summer, we return to Massachusetts to visit with family. While we are there, we travel to my sister's cabin in Maine.

My kids love her property there, and ask throughout the year, when we will return. It's a weekly version of the "are we there yet?" conversation that inevitably occurs traveling in a car.

This past weekend, my sister and one of her boys has been visiting us. We have had wonderful adventures, and a few minutes of downtime - sister time, cousin time.

So, when the kids asked "Can we have a fire?" it reminded us all of our s'more evenings gathered around my sister's fire circle. But, hey... the day was warm and the evening cool - just like Maine - so we agreed.

The kids roasted marshmallows and the adults watched the glowing embers, and allocated marshmallows to sticks.

It is one of the many moments we will treasure from this visit.

Thank you God, for family, for fun and for tradition!

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Susan said...

Ah, what a beautiful gift!