Monday, February 16, 2009

A Day for Five Minute Jobs

I have been in need of a Day for Five Minute Jobs. You know, the little tasks that get set aside for when there's a minute or two to complete them. They seem to pile up for me - especially after weeks like I've just completed. When they do, life seems 'cluttered' and unsettled.

I've got a whole list... change a couple of light-bulbs, filing, bring boxes of stuff sorted for the church yard sale into the garage... just to name a few! (and then, there are the 15 minute jobs! Another list unto itself!)

I was hoping to get to them on our sick day on Sunday, but, instead, I chose to disinfect all the doorknobs and bleach-wash all the linens. It seemed like a prudent thing to do with the germs floating around here. I also chose to spend some time with my children - watching movies, playing the wii, snuggling... and coercing them into taking their Tamiflu!

Perhaps today will include a few of the five minute jobs. At least one or two... amid the snuggling and coercing...

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Katie said...

I love the day of Five minute jobs. I feel like I get so much accomplished on those days. Today is my, "What the heck happened to the house over the weekend - how did everything explode like this?" day so I'm getting my miles in just in what i'm doing around here.! Hope kiddos are feeling better.