Friday, February 13, 2009

Helping Hands Thursdays

I really enjoy Thursdays.... probably because I really enjoy service... and my kids... and their school.

Every Thursday, a group of moms comes to the school to help out. The teachers set out "assignments" and we get to work. It is a wonderful time of service, and of fellowship - with the bonus of getting to know the school community: parents, teachers, staff, students.....

Somehow, we KNEW today would be "heart" themed. Well it was.... we cut many, many hearts. It is also the day before the kindergarteners "100th Day" of school.

Here that is a big celebration. There are parties with 100 treats. Each of the children bring their "100 Day" project - a bit of creativity that involves 100 of something.... It's fun to walk the halls and see what they come up with.

They also have these cool "100 Day" glasses.... which involves much cutting on the moms' part. And gluing. (And then much decorating and giggling on the kids part!) As I sat and cut, circles and hearts and glasses, I thought back to MY kids' "100th Day" parties... they were soooo excited!

I also took a moment and internalized my gratitude. I am so grateful that I am able to go to my childrens' school, eat lunch with them, and be of service to the school and the teachers. Almost every Thursday, without fail. What a gift that is for me.

Thank you God for this opportunity to serve!

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