Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Silver Side of the Flu

My son woke up with a fever... I was pretty sure he had contracted a case of strep throat just like his sister. Their symptoms were the same - except he had boogers.... But, that's my boy: a booger-factory. He ALWAYS has boogers.

I found some coverage for the cookie booth I was running and brought him to the walk-in clinic. We were seen by the nurse practitioner, and a throat and nose swab later, we had the results: strep - negative....flu- positive.

Oh boy.... first case of flu we've had in 7 years (at least!) He feels lousy. His sister is feeling a little lousy... I'm just tired. We're all on Tamiflu.

As I canceled appointments here and there, and let my interpreter-friend know I would not be at church, there was this pull within me. The two days when I have not been able to attend church, I have felt it... both times, sick children. I feel it to a lesser degree when I am working a Sunday. There is this pull within me that feels like I am missing something.... something BIG. It's like a disconnect in slow motion, that I need to reconnect. I love it that I love my church family that much, and I find such peace and comfort there.

And then I found some gratitude for the whole situation. I got to spend an evening home with my children (plus two - who had previously been exposed!), watching Evan Almighty. I get to have a morning where I don't have to set the alarm. (There is great gratitude in that!)

I found myself praying for healing, and protection for those of us who are still well... may we stay well. I didn't always believe in prayers for healing.... (I'm a western trained clinician, remember!).... Today, I do... with every cell of my being, I believe in the power of prayer.

There is always a silver lining... there is always a gift in the pain.

Thank You for showing me - reminding me. Teach me....


cathy said...

You were missed most definitely! Hope all are feeling better soon. Let me know if you need anything.
love ya,
Cathy Harris

Katie said...

Oh Linda. I'm so sorry. I noticed right away that you weren't at church this morning and just assumed you were working. I hope Jacob feels better soon and I hope you and Amelia don't get it!!! Please tell Jacob we hope he gets better and if he needs any more games to borrow, let us know (but return after Lysol!!) :-)