Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Filter...

I hesitate to write this post.... I don't want it to be mis-interpreted.... but I do want to express this experience. It is fascinating to me... and I am grateful for it...

It happens when I listen to music. It happens when I read - a book, or the bible. It happens when I talk with people. The Filter pops up and I hear, or I see exactly what I need to... the rest... background noise. It's like some days, the words just pop off the page or out of the radio. I wonder why I've never heard or read THOSE words before... hmmm... they're SO perfect for what's going on. "Gosh, do the DJ's know that the last 3 songs they played all say the same thing about surrender?" How does that person know that the previous two people I ran into said the SAME THING?? It's interesting....

And then, it happens when I interpret. I am most aware of it when I am "on" with my interpreting...which means I'm letting go of control of my hands, and praying the right stuff comes out! Sometimes, when The Filter is "right there" it totally freaks me out.

Let me preface by saying, I love what my pastor has to say, and I love his transparency, his personal honesty. I love the way he talks about his love for his children and his wife, and his walk with God. I love how his messages are relevant to my life, and firmly planted in biblical principles.

The first time it happened, it struck me by surprise. There I am, standing on stage - listening for his words, so I can figure out the concept for my hands to relay. All of a sudden, I'm having a Charlie Brown experience.

I hear "waa-waa-waa-waa focus life Jesus." I think to myself, "I know I'm tired, but...." My pastor continues.... "waa-waa-waa-waa focus world continue struggle. focus Jesus experience peace...." I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, that is NOT what he is saying - I know he is speaking English. I am SURE he is speaking English, but I'm hearing ASL.

It is especially interesting to me because he has a propensity to be a bit of a sesquipedalian* teacher. Yet, none of what I heard, nor came off of my hands was difficult. I heard it. I signed it. As I become more and more cognizant of the process, it fades. It's all English again. My brain screams "WAIT! Come back.... I don't know how to say THAT in ASL...." But, it's gone. I'm having to think again.

I love the moments when it feels like God is whispering in my ear - telling me exactly what I need to know, exactly when I need to know it. As a mom, as a nurse, as an interpreter, as a child of God...

Be near oh God... whisper.... let me hear.


A long word.
1. Given to or characterized by the use of long word,
2. Long and ponderous; polysyllabic.

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