Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Life....

It has happened... I knew it would! Yet, it always brings me peace and I breathe a little deeper and easier when I actually SEE it. The daffodils have started to poke their greens out of the ground! (So have the crocuses and the snowdrops - but THESE are my daffodils!)

It's as if my body and spirit have found a bit more hope... a literal breath of fresh air... and it is so perfectly timed. The busyness of the past few weeks (has it been 6 already?) comes to a halt after today.

After today, comes a breather. I'll have some time to regroup as one job comes to and end and use my Christmas holidays at another. There will be time to bask in the early spring sun and reach for the heavens... just like my daffodils.

The days are beginning to get warmer and longer, and my gardens are calling to me... It is a time of renewal - for the earth and for myself.

Yes, I know... winter is not over. There will be cold days again - and likely another snow (or at least a freeze) after the daffodils bloom. It has happened every year since I moved to Tennessee. It used to disturb me. Now, I know that is just the way it is. It will warm, then get cold. But spring WILL come, as will summer and fall...and winter again...

The same is true in my life. It won't be all warmth and sunshine from here on out. Life will continue... beautiful, glorious Life. The cold spells will come - things will seem to die out. But just as sure as the sun will shine and the seasons change, God is with me.

Thank you, God, for the reminders of Your presence and Your plan for my life, It is so readily visible in my world. I don't always know what it is... or the exact where, when or how it will "bloom"... but I do know that it is there, and when the season is right, it will burst forth....

...Just like my daffodils!

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