Saturday, February 14, 2009

Believing is Just the Beginning...

I was picking up some scattered trash, after the kids had addressed their valentines. My boy-child had picked Spiderman, and my girl-child, fairies. They had written their "to"s and the "from"s, had put them in their backpacks, and I had put the extras away (for next year, perhaps!).

I was onto the next task - cleaning the kitchen. When I saw it, I paused. I didn't recognize it at first. I just read it. "....Believing is just the beginning...." "Whoa," I thought, "ain't THAT the truth!" I picked up the piece of cardboard and tried to figure out it's origins. Then, I knew - the fairy valentine box.

It's interesting to me the places that I find these bits of Truth. I certainly never thought it would be on a box of valentines. The phrase stuck with me all day.

I thought back through my own spiritual walk. It did begin with believing.... Believing and accepting were just the start...and then it kept on going. There the work began. Fortunately, it was also where the joy was realized, and I found some peace. Hope and life were renewed.

Through the years, my relationship with God has continued to evolve - moment by moment, day by day, year by year. It deepens, it becomes more and more real. It blows my mind, and it continues to examine my heart and it's outward expression in the choices in my life.

Thank You, God for nudging me along, for loving me here, now, and of course, for Your ever-present "stalking" in my life.

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