Monday, February 23, 2009

I Can Only Imagine...

Some days.... some moments... are just surreal. Sunday morning, interpreting at church - during practice, especially - was that way. I was pretty sure my mentor was not going to be there - she had said that the night before... but sometimes that changes. Yet, I was peaceful about it. I knew God was there with me, so I would not be interpreting "alone".

It was a good set of music... I was enjoying the new song a lot at home, but during rehearsal, it was the others that caught my attention. I was first aware that there would be 'a moment' during the first verse of the first song. As I ".... crown(ed) Him Lord of all", I realized I was standing on my tippity tip-toes, reaching as high as I possible could to place the crown on His head. "You sure are big", I thought. As I considered the truth in that statement, I paused just long enough not to miss the second verse. "whoa..."

A few songs later - a song I really like - I Can Only Imagine. It was a beautiful arrangement - traditional, but there was something just a little different about it. I'd only gotten through the first line before I began to be drawn into it. By the time I was asking "will I dance for you, Jesus?", I had tears in my eyes. Not long after, as I signed the words "stand" and "presence" - as my two hands came "face to face" - I had to gasp for air and close my eyes.

They remained closed, and tears streamed down my cheeks, as we danced out the remainder of the song, God and I. My hands never missed a phrase, my mind never tried to cut in, and my heart will never forget. And, I can only imagine, I will have tears streaming down my face when we do meet "face to face".

If you want to see this, you can see the video from the service.

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Chrissi said...

Beautiful Linda. I love you!