Monday, January 26, 2009

The Song Remembers When...

It was the night before the 2:42 service. I was having a child-free Saturday evening... at the mall. I hate the mall. Too many people. Too much stuff. Too much potential to spend money. But, I needed to return some things my kids had received for Christmas, so I popped my earbuds in and headed into the crowd. (Saturday night, WHAT was I thinking?!)

I hadn't had time to move the music I needed to learn (in ASL) to the top of my ipod playlist, so as I was walking, I was playing through, searching for the appropriate songs. My pace quickened and slowed with the tempo. From time to time, a one-handed "hallelujah" or "thank You", "King" or "Lord" would spontaneously come forth.

My ipod shuffle is filled with the songs that I have interpreted at church over the past several months. Song after song played. As I listened, I could see the signs in my mind's eye. More often than not, an event, or a lesson, or a blessing had been associated with the song in my heart and in my mind. I remembered back through the months - the journey that I have been on with God.

The first song I ever interpreted came on. I was taken back to the very first time I stood before my congregation. I remembered standing there, hoping my hands would work, and my legs would hold me. Then, suddenly, I was calm. "Perfect" came off my teachers hands as I returned to my seat. It was surreal. I could barely believe what had happened. Me. Up there. Signing. No way.

I continued to listen, and remember, returning to those moments when God had spoken to me, through the words of the songs - sometimes at home, often on the stage.

I wiped the tears running down my face as it hit me how blessed I have been being a part of this deaf ministry. Yes, the people I have met have been great, and I love them dearly, but the time with God is beyond compare.

Thank You, thank You, thank You...

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