Friday, January 16, 2009

The Truth and the Light

I have been told, and I have witnessed it over and over again - the Truth ALWAYS comes into the light. Whether it be a Truth of great blessing, or a truth that everyone wishes would remain hidden, it always comes to the light.

Sometimes it is hard waiting, for it to be revealed. Other times it is agonizing watching it unfold, as we - or someone we love - try to cover it up again. Or, perhaps, we are trying to come clean with our hidden truths, and we stand still as it unfolds around us, quietly awaiting consequences, and praying for grace.

Sometime, someone tries to present a false truth - which, of course, would not be the truth at all, but they so believe it to be. Denial runs deep and lies and manipulation run close along side. To quote a friend "God allows fools to be revealed when they insist upon it.... and they usually do".

I've been taught, "I am only as sick as my secrets", and thus, I try to live a very 'transparent' life. It is not always easy, and it's not always pretty. But I remember how difficult it was to try to stuff down the truth, and display what the world wanted to see in my life. I don't want to live there again. It was infinitely harder than whatever ever consequence come my way.

See, Truth and Grace, they run hand in hand as well.

I want to live in the Truth. It always - one way or another - bubbles up to the surface. Thank God.

May I live in Truth - with Joy and Hope and Grace - and help me to know that the deception in the world will fall away, as the Light reveals and brings forth the Truth.

Thank You God...

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