Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finding the Divine in the Mundane

It's one of the things I hope for: Finding the Divine in the mundane. Feeling the presence of God in my everyday life.

I do believe that God meets me in the details of my life - in the laundry, the cooking, the carpooling. I have experienced Him there. On the days when there is joy in systematically disassembling piles of dirty clothes, I feel Him. In the moments when I cook with love and not obligation, I know He is with me.

I believe that is the answer. I find God in the mundane details of my life when I am in a place of service. When I look at my home as a mission field and my family as those I can serve, rather than a bunch of people whose needs I have the obligation to meet, there He is.

It *IS* my job to meet many of these needs - to perform these tasks - to maintain the household. But in changing my perspective, the resentment and "have to" disappears. In its place appears the privilege of "get to", the honor of service, and the joy and love of the presence of God.

May I remember that I am here to serve - even those people with whom I live.

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