Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"God Night"

It all started with a typo. Which, is kinda funny in itself, since many of the true blessings I have received have been the result of an accident or some sort of mistake. Yet another version of the "Beauty from Ashes" that permeates my day to day life.

I had been IM-ing a friend. I was trying to wish her "Good Night", and no matter how hard I tried,or how many times I typed it, I could only get one "o" into it. Finally, I just sent it. I told her I must be meant to wish her a "God Night".

I thought of that for a while - a "God Night". I wondered what exactly that would be like. Then I realized, I've had those. Several versions, actually. Some nights were similar to Jacob's, wrestling with God. I'd awakened limping, but renewed. Some nights were similar to Samuel's God Night, where I initially mistake who is calling to me. And some.... some involved the great comfort of feeling held in the midst of the pain and loneliness of the divorce process.

I think of some other "God Nights" I've had. Nights sitting out under the stars, feeling the vastness of All There Is and the realization that even though I am small in comparison, I am a part of it all - and well loved and cared for to boot! Those nights put things in perspective better than anything else can.

I remember the "God Nights" of raising infant twins. As I sat holding one, and then the other, the moon and stars moving through the sky, they taught me the word "cherish". Feeling the depths of the love I have for them, gave me a deeper understand of God's feelings toward me. They also taught me about the faithfulness of such a love. Both brought me tears of joy, and hope beyond measure.

We don't even try to correct it now. We embrace the "mistake", and have turned it into a sweet endearment. "God Night", we say, "Love you muchly".


Pam said...

I can totally relate... (except for the twins of course!!)... I get it.

I published the first part of my writing today... I linked you... nervous.

Anonymous said...

wow! what a wonderful mistake :-)

Paula V said...

How wonderful. I imagined you typing the word good over and over or rather typing god over and over. I'm sure your IMing recipient much appreciated you sending the "mistake". But then God doesn't make mistakes, huh? Only we humans and even in our human mistakes, oh my, oh my what He can and will do with that....just as He promises us in Romans 8:28..working for good in all things for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.

I remember once my beloved typing "I love you much much." I never asked him if the extra much was an accident but regardless the extra much was very cute and endearing very much like your God Night and your "love you muchly". Oh what I wouldn't give to hear those sweet "much muchs" again. Prayerfully one day. My story is much like Pam's...standing in the gap with faith in God to do a mighty and miraculous work of reconciliation.
Sweet Blessings,

Pam said...

How about something fun tonight! I gave you an award! Lemonade!

Katie said...

Love the picture of the twins!