Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Song, A Dance, and A Sign...

"Watch me, Mommy!", she said. "I made up movements for my song". She is learning to sing the song "Breakaway". I'd never heard it before.

It's a song about a girl feeling stuck in her small town. "I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly," she sings. She spends the song dreaming and praying of what she'll do when she is able to "break away".

As my daughter sings those lines, she leaps and flaps her wings, as only little girls can do. She sways, she twirls, she reaches for the sky.

The lyrics remind me of my youth. It also reminded me that my little girl is growing up - fast! Before I know it, she'll be a grown woman, moving into her own life. Assuming we both survive her adolescent years, that is...

The fact that she'll be spending the next few years testing her wings and will one day fly away caused me to pause. I know she, like me, will move into her own life. As it should be.

The thing that caught me off guard. She incorporated some American Sign Language that I didn't know she knew. Each time she sang the words "break away", she signed 'disconnect'. They really do watch every moment, don't they.

May I be a woman worthy of small eyes watching. May I remember how quickly the years fly by and cherish every moment. May I remember that her 'disconnect' as she grows is what she is meant to do. May I give her roots, but allow her her wings. Watch over us all as we grow.


Susan said...

Goodness, they do grow so quickly! Our children are such a blessing...even when they mature. I might even add, especially when they mature. It's beautiful to see them walking out their faith.

Pam said...

Very sweet, very beautiful