Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Praying....without ceasing

I have found myself praying for many people recently. People I know, and people I don't...and some that I "know", but have never "met". I pray for situations I know completely, and some I really don't know at all. I have been praying for joy and peace, balance and strength. For courage and for Truth. For clarity and discernment. For those who are being "stalked" by God to quit running, and receive the gifts that are there. Prayers of praise and of supplication. Prayers for His will be done.

I have been praying for individuals, for couples, for families, for children, for adults. For men, for women, for mothers and daughters, fathers and sons. For babies, born and unborn, (and even the loss of a few). For mothers rejoicing and mothers grieving. For those who know God, and those who do not.

I have been praying over court proceedings and school proceedings. For marriage crises and health crises. You name it, I've prayed it... or so it seems.

Some, are very public, and I will share... others are very private, and I will maintain their confidences. I've become very aware lately, that for every known need for prayer, there seem to be at least a dozen unknown.

As more and more become known to me, it is becoming easier and easier to "pray without ceasing"... and harder and harder not to...

I have been praying for an very brave eight year old girl - that I do know - named Makenzie. Makenzie had surgery for a brain tumor last fall. She is now finished radiation and beginning chemotherapy. Medically, she is doing well - she has made amazing progress and has an unsquelchable spirit... and she continues to beat her dad at Wii bowling! I have been encouraged not only by her healing and her spunk, but also by the community that has continued to support this family - in deed and in prayer - and by the strength and courage that she, her parents, her twin sister and her brother have received as a result. Go! Fight! Win! Makenzie!

The other young girl - whom I don't know - that I pray for, is pictured above. Abby. Abby has leukemia, and a genetic variation that makes her response to treatment more life-threatening. I am just beginning to get a feel for her, her situation, and her family. I do know they welcome prayer.... lots and lots of prayer ... for Abby... and for their family... (their blog is amazing as well.... if you like amazing blogs!)

Finally, a woman I don't know - I know her sister. Cassie is rejoicing...and she is healing...and she is praising God for His hand over, around and supporting the birth of her daughter...and saving her life. Her story reminds me that birth is a natural process, but not always a benign process. Congratulations, Cassie, and praise God!

So long as there are prayers to pray, my voice - and my hands - will be among those raising request and praise to God. If you have a prayer request, feel free to comment, or email me privately (under 'my complete profile'). I will add you to my prayer list.

16 Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 ESV

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Pam said...

I join you in these prayers today... and have found with you, that that the prayer needs are everywhere... praying