Friday, January 30, 2009

Tagged .... The Hawk.

I don't usually play the "tagging" games. (well, here... I do a few on Facebook...) But I did get "tagged" by my friend, Katie.... and I did recently have a question posed to a group I was in that sort of fit as well... "Do you take time to play with your friends and your toys?" Uhm... no, not much.

So, I figured I'd bite... I'd look in the fourth folder for the fourth picture... perhaps it would provide inspiration for a topic. And who showed up.... the hawk.

This hawk is one of three that visit me from time to time. I was first aware of hawks in the neighborhood when I was on a walk. I was deep in thought - talking with God about something. I heard some squawking. Then I saw a hawk low-flying across the street. I followed the flight path to the nest where the other adult was stationed. The noise quieted until the adult left. I stood and watched for a long time. I'd never witnessed a hawk feeding its young before.

The next time I saw the hawks, I had pulled into my driveway after dropping the kids off at school. I remember being deep in thought - preparing to meet a new friend for lunch. I looked up and stopped in my tracks. My breathing stilled as I watched in amazement. This beautiful creature. In my backyard. wow.

They have joined me on walks, and called to me as I sit on my porch, or dig in my garden. From time to time, they show up and perch in my yard. Most recently, it was just outside my bedroom window, perching on the chain link fence about 10 feet from the window. We stared at each other for a long, long time...

They always tend to show up, and make me pause. Whatever is going on stops, and I am awed by the beauty of this creature God has designed.... and grateful to be a part of His world.

(oh, and quickly, the rules: post the 4th picture in the 4th folder on your computer. Tell about it - then tag four other people)

My tags: Braden, JoAnn, Brea and Kerry.

Thank You God for my friends.... and some fun.

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Katie said...

See, that wasn't so bad!! Thanks for participating. I don't do that a lot either but it was one of my sisters!!

Matt watches a hawk over there by the church, too. That's neat!

Thanks for sharing.