Sunday, April 18, 2010

What we get used to....

I was amazed when I woke up for work Saturday morning.... exhausted. Typically 11p-4:30a was pretty routine. And then I experienced a few weeks of earlier bedtimes.... and a full night sleep. I felt good! Whoa... this tired thing, feels awful....

Same thing with food. When I am eating healthy, I feel good. I never connected the fast food or sugary treats (or hidden sugars in "healthy" foods!) to my exhaustion, headache, and general grumpiness. (Add tired and it's NOT pretty!)

Same thing with soda. I have had periods of time where I could drink liters of Diet Coke a day. Then, I've had periods when I've completely abstained (I'm there now!) In the midst of that, I experienced the "I feel awful!" 's that followed not long after ingesting one.

Same with exercise. When I'm regularly participating, I want to regularly participate. When I begin to skip - usually because I'm too tired or feel awful - I begin to make a habit of skipping, thus perpetuating the cycle.

Same with my relationships. I have been so stuck in what is that I don't realize until they change dramatically, or end, how they could have been better all along. Conversely, I realize how much I have missed a person's presence in my life when we reconnect.

May I live intentionally. May I set my feet where You lead, for You choose wisely!

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