Monday, April 5, 2010

Draggin'.... just a little....

So, I'm dragging just a little.

I was seriously 100% blessed this weekend, though!! I had the opportunity to pick up a little extra work. It happened to be on the overnight shift, which messes with life just a little bit, but it doesn't come every day, so I decided to seize the opportunity.

What I didn't realize when I signed up for Friday and Saturday night was that Sunday was Easter... It would be better if I had slept all night.

Typically, when I work a Saturday night shift, I decaffeinate and head to church anyhow. I interpret the opening music, and at the transition for the sermon, I head home to sleep. So I expected to do something similar.

But, I was given an incredible gift: The busy night slowed down enough that I could head home a little early... and grab a quick nap.

It by no means made up for a full night sleep, but I DID get to enjoy a FULL with friends.... chatting and laughing.

And, I got to hear the Easter Sunday sermon..... which, by the way, discussed the gift of rest we find in Jesus!


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