Friday, April 23, 2010

Tending the Earth

I'm beginning to prepare the soil. I know I'm a little "late", but it has been as the rest of life has allowed. AND, perhaps, if I put the tomatoes in a little later, they won't all be ripe while I am in Massachusetts.

I'm also curious to see if some of the tomatoes that fell last year will sprout up little plants this spring. A few did last year, which was a nice surprise.

I am also adding something new this year. Stevia. I'm curious to see how it will work, and find ways to use it. I snipped a little leaf, and it IS very sweet. (If nothing else, I can use it to sweeten my kids' tea....I take mine straight up.)

I hope to spend a few hours in the yard, "tending the earth", this weekend. We'll see how well the weather cooperates. I'm not complaining, cause I too have been singing "Jesus, Send the Rain...."

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