Friday, April 30, 2010

Lunch with Moms in Touch

It was my first luncheon, though I have been with the group for nearly three years.

I remember when I was first asked to join. A woman I didn't know very well at the time began to tell me about it. "Would you like to help me start a Mom's in Touch group for the school?"

Inside, I was thinking, "uhm, but that would mean I would have to pray OUT LOUD, and I don't do that." I was also thinking of all of the women that had recently come into my life. I had already made the connection that they were all strong women of faith, with a wonderful ability to pray.... aloud.

I came out of my internal dialog, aware that she was waiting on a reply from me.


We began to meet with an old school yearbook. At first, I cried every time we prayed for a student. A few years later, my tears are less frequent. It strikes me periodically that we may be the only people praying for some of them.

I believe in the power of prayer and am grateful that I have been able to be involved. It has been such a gift to me!

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