Sunday, April 25, 2010

Storm Season

Things do come in seasons, and here in Tennessee, we are beginning our Tornado season.

I have seen the after-effects of such storms - both professionally and in the lives of others I know. I have seen the devastation that occurs in minutes, and the months and months that it takes to begin to restore it all.

I have been asleep in my bed and received a call that a tornado had been spotted in the town where I was living. It was 4 in the morning, and I considered the options for moving a pair of toddlers into the garage/basement that was our "safe place". Neither one seemed good.

Today - in Wal*mart - we heard the sirens.... and the "watch" announcement and the "warning" announcement.

Our shopping continued and the siren soon ceased to sound. "THAT was annoying," said my boy when it was finally quiet again. He's right. But I am grateful, it exists.

We are fortunate. So many other have not been.

Thank You God, for keeping us safe.... yet again.

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