Thursday, April 22, 2010

"This is My Offering..."

We finished up our bible study a couple of weeks back. I really enjoyed it. Much of it spoke to me, including the background music that played at the beginning and end of each weekly video.

The song reminded me of several things:

  • God wants more than the parts that are easy to give - those that cost me nothing. He truly wants all of me - my life, gladly given. All of it. In it's entirety. Warts and all.
  • Everything that is "mine" really isn't. It's His. I should treat it as such.
  • Words are nothing without the actions that stand behind them. My words and actions must match - and ideally, reflect Him.
  • I was reminded of the time that I really did lay myself upon the altar. It seems hard to believe that it was so long ago. I think about returning again from time to time. Or, perhaps, a different "altar". Another retreat. Another hour or two, just Him and me.

I thank God for both Angela Thomas and Kelly Minter, and am grateful for each of them using their God-given gifts.

This is My Offering:

I will not give what costs me nothing, when I bring my Sacrifice.

Cause You have asked for only one thing. That I gladly give my life.

So now I lay down on Your altar, knowing what I lose I'll find.

Please receive me through I falter. For all I have is Yours, it's no longer mine.

With my mouth I will praise. With my heart I will obey.

This is my offering.

I will go where You lead. I will trust what I can't see.

This is my offering, this is my offering.

May my worship be a fragrance, rising up in sweet refrain.

As I come into Your presence, may I be a life worthy of Your name.

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