Friday, April 9, 2010

Who I am....

Day by day, week by week, year by year, I discover more and more about myself.

One of the things that I am being shown (again?) is that I am an encourager. I'm not really the cheerleader type, though.

Perhaps that is why I love so much the term "re-center-er". It seems to "fit" my style better than the "ra-ra-rah! You can do it!" type of encouragement.

I continue to find myself sitting beside women in crisis - divorce, life changes, illness - reminding them that there is still purpose in their lives. I tap into my experiences with "grieving the wish", experiencing loss, examining the core of my being, letting go of everything I knew to be true, and allowing God to catch me.

From there, life improved. There was my hope.

For those that have been through it with me, I remind them of where I was. They nod. They have seen the path from the sidelines. I share a little of what goes on inside, on the days when I wasn't sure where power behind the next step would come from, or how the bills would be paid.

I remind them that I have never had a need be unmet. I've had to adjust my perspective some on what my true needs are, but those needs have always been provided.

And sometimes, I just sit and smile, as I witness the same happening in their lives.

Great is Thy Faithfulness, Lord unto me!

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