Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crazy New Thing

This crazy new thing has happened the past few days.... I really like it and hope it continues.

It began on Sunday, when I was experiencing my "anniversary funk". Oddly enough, I really didn't want anything sweet. Not only was I not craving it, but I couldn't even talk myself into it. (SCORE!)

Monday, I stopped by the school briefly. There had been several trays - and I mean BIG trays - FILLED with my favorite cookies. The big, soft ones. (In Oatmeal Raisin, even!) And, again... didn't want one. (SCORE!)

Tuesday, similar story: I'd spent the day helping in a mixed classroom. The third graders were doing standardized testing, so the kindergarten, first and second grades had special projects they were working on. (Trust me to say, it reinforced - once again - that I chose well: nursing over elementary (special) education! Thank you God for my appendix rupturing as a teenager!)

When we were finally released from the room, I was offered donuts and / or ice cream. Same story. Not interested.

I pray that this continues. I love it. It is SO "God doing for me...."

Thank You God!

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