Friday, April 3, 2009


I've notice that I attribute certain characteristics to different articles of clothing. I have a sweater that I almost always wear when I'm needing comfort, certain earrings when I'm needing some balance. There are the moccasins that I got when I was in New Mexico years ago, that remind me of the same bold-adventuresome-yet-quietly-soul-searching mood that I was in when I bought them. And then... there are these. These are my "don't-mess-with-me" shoes!

I've found that I've been wearing them a lot lately, after months (perhaps years) of them being untouched in my closet. Why? First of all, they have a heel. I'm fairly tall - "for a girl" - and I've spent decades of my life trying NOT to draw attention to that. Secondly, they "clack" when I walk, so there is no denying that I'm coming. There is no sneaking in and sneaking out. I am, without a doubt walking through life and leaving audible footprints. Something about that combination enhances the whole "stand-tall-for-who-you-are" attitude, and makes it undeniably real. In a "Don't-mess-with-me!" mood, they are most likely on my feet!

It's probably the the season I am in now. Being still, sorting through and sifting out the things that don't belong in my life anymore. Whether it be "stuff" or attitudes or events. I've had to stand tall in some situations and say "THIS is who I am", "THIS is what is important in my life", "THIS best demonstrates the place that God has in my life". The rest must go.

It's definitely a change of practice for me - I usually just slide into my old Birkenstocks, but, ya' know what? I'm finding out, they're actually pretty comfortable!

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