Sunday, April 12, 2009

Remembering Easter...

Since I am in memory mode:

This is an picture of my children, dressed for Easter Sunday. It was taken about 4 years ago....

It was probably a year later my son started spreading The Word.

We were getting our pre-Easter haircuts. The woman cutting his hair asked him if he had his Easter basket already. "Yes....", he said. "So, the Easter bunny is going to come to your house then?" she continued.

He sat for a minute, considering the question and then said...

"Uhm.... Easter isn't about the Easter bunny, you know.... it's about Jesus dying on the cross...."

I was floored. There sat this 4 year old child, bolder in his faith than I have ever been. No wonder Christ loved the little children!

May you all have a Blessed Easter! (chocolate bunnies and all!)

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