Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Week Down Memory Lane

This sure is a week that brings me down memory lane: It came close to snowing on my birthday. My mother tells me it did the day I was born - the first time since my sister's birthday (also April 7th) six years earlier. It's a little unusual in New England, snow in April, but, in Tennessee, practically unheard of. There were a few flakes the night before, but nothing dramatic on the day itself.

Fast forward 34 years and 2 days, and we come to my next joyful memory in the beginning of April. April 9th, I found out I was pregnant. Shortly thereafter, of course, we found out there was more than one baby in there. (This picture is closer to 35 weeks...huge, but happy!).

It was, of course, a life changing event. I continue to be amazed at how such a blessing can be such hard work! I have to admit, a pair of 7 year olds is easier than a pair of infants - at least in the "general care" category. The boy-child can all but shower alone now. The questions, and the handing over age-appropriate responsibility and choices is the difficulty now. I'm sure that that will increase exponentially as they age. It has been a wonderful adventure!

Thank you God for the gift of my children! I am honored to be their mother!

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