Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Selling the Past...

I love itunes. I am the person who buys an entire CD for a single song. The fact that I now have the ability to download that single song to my ipod (read: No CD storage required!), I am over the moon!

But, as I have been decluttering my life, I have come upon the stack of old CD's. At first, I discounted the pile, knowing that I'd been through it before. Those I didn't want, I had taken to the "get cash for your old CD's" store.

Then, the internal dialogue started:

"But, you haven't listened to most of them in more then a year - or TWO even!"

"Yes, but those songs all have meaning to me...."

"Get it at itunes if you decide you want to listen to it again...."

"But, I already HAVE it...."

I thought briefly of downloading the one song from all those CD's onto my computer, ... (one day, of course - it's a low-priority item in the schedule)

But, then the voice of reality hit - I know how strongly I attach to, and am moved by music and lyrics and all. The (not-so) Gentle Voice Within said, "Do you really want to go back there? REALLY? REALLY??!!"

Of course the answer was "No, I don't."

So, through the pile I sorted. A few, where I enjoy the entire disc, or the memories are of sweet, tender, peaceful times, I saved. The rest, I transferred to another stack: Half.com

Now, I get busy. Hoping the old saying that "One (wo)man's trash is another (wo)man's treasure" rings true.

I've got a really cute silk dress going on ebay as well... : )

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