Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Law and Ethics

So, I, uhm.... messed up. The TN massage therapy board requires continuing education in "TN massage law" and "ethics" - two hours each - every two years. Despite the internal nagging "check your continuing education" I heard repeatedly toward the end of 2008, I failed to.... and thus failed to realize that my courses for those topics were in 2006, not 2007.

For a short while I fumbled through the "what do I do?" scenarios. "How can I fix this?" Short of turning back the calendar to the fall of 2008, I can't. It's done.... or not done, in this case.

As I shared my dilemma with friends and family, my questions were often answered with : "Oh, just sign the form saying you did" and "everybody does that". "They'll never know". Well, I'LL know....and I can't escape the irony that this is "law" and "ethics" we're talking about.

So, as I go forth in the process of renewing my license, I will move forth honestly and ethically... and pray for grace and mercy.


Update: Grace and mercy abound, and Thus Far, all is well...

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