Saturday, April 25, 2009

Off to the (Waiting) Races

I cannot even begin to tell you how proud I am of my children. They participated in the 2009 County Music Kid's Marathon.... and they did great!
It is so funny to see their personalities so clearly in an event like this, and a gift to watch them overcome potential obstacles!
We hadn't had a chance to do as much training as we should have. The kids were supposed to have walked/run 25.2 miles prior to the race, and then would complete the final mile. They crossed the same finish line that will be crossed by those running the adult marathon in the morning.

The wait was hard. We had to get their early to get parked and all. And then we waited... and we waited.... Finally, it was time for first grade boys and girls. I walked with them up to the starting point. I wasn't QUITE sure how they would do, running "alone". Their dad had texted to say he was "running in his heart" with them, and I told them I was sure they could do it and I would be cheering them on. I also gave them the last minute "don't start off too fast" reminder.

And, then, they crossed the start.... I ran for my first cheering / picture opportunity. As expected, my daughter was pulling into the lead, and my son was high-five-ing everyone who had a hand extended.

They turned up a road that they would run back down, so I stood and waited.... and waited.... and waited. I for a few minutes, I wondered if I should have run with them. My daughter is not fond of crowds, and my son is prone to spontaneous meltdowns. I waited some more. And then I saw her. In her baby-blue "Go! Fight! Win!" T-shirt, my girl - running the race! She turned the corner as I cheered wildly, and she ran toward the finish line.

Now, I waited some more... Another baby-blue Makenzie shirt - my boy! He was walking. As he got to the final turn, I cheered him on! When he saw me, he grinned real big, winked and broke out into a sprint.

I had hoped to get pictures of them crossing the finish line - but no luck... I waited to cheer the boy and missed the girl crossing. And then the boy was hard to catch.

As I got to speak to each of them after the race, there comments were characteristically them: The girl-child said "I beat him! I beat him!". The boy-child said "I high-fived EVERY hand!"

I love the differences in their personalities... those qualities that make them uniquely themselves - even if they are also the qualities that trip them up the most as well.

I am sure it is similar from God's perspective. He knows me, He adores me.... quirks and all...

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