Sunday, April 19, 2009

Peace by Peace

I am greatly amused at the "Freudian slips" that appear when I am IM'ing my friends. It's as if my internal editor doesn't have time to edit out the words that really need to be spoken. My (now) standard farewell greeting began that way... I couldn't get two "o"s in "Good" for the life of me... so finally, chuckling to myself, I let it stand: "God night".

A few nights ago, as life was beginning to come back to some semblance of "normal", it happened again. We had been talking about all the "stuff" that was going on - another layer of grief to peel back, another layer of "reality" to investigate, another layer of physical and emotional "clutter" to sort through and release.

My friend had asked if life was getting better, and if the "to do" list was becoming more managable. I had intended to write "piece by piece". What came out was - oh, c'mon! You know - "peace by peace".

I saw it, and laughed out loud. It was so true.

As long as I am here on earth, there will be layers of grief and layers of reality to process. Clutter, physically and emotionally, will continue. It will, of course, ebb and flow, but, to the extent that I let go of my expectations and my attempts to control, and let myself be surrounded by His love and healing - there will be Peace.

And yes, "Peace by Peace", life is getting better.....

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