Thursday, April 2, 2009

Consider the Flowers of the Field...

I spent the afternoon with some friends today. Taking pictures. The daffodils had passed, but the turnips (yes, turnips!) were in full bloom.

My friend had noticed the fields previously, and we were blessed with a beautiful spring day in which to "play". The scenery was beautiful, and I enjoyed the opportunity to experiment with my camera a little bit.

But, it wasn't until I got home, uploaded the pictures, and watched the slide show, that I truly appreciated it! Yes, it was fun while I was doing it, but wow.... Just wow!

In the still pictures, I get to see the full expression of experiencing the world of God's creation through the eyes of a three and five year old. I get to witness the joy and wonder as they examine the individual flowers. And I get to observe the interaction between a mother and her two children as they pick flowers, run hand in hand, and simply enjoy each others company.

As I uploaded this picture of the princess, surrounded by a sea of yellow, I am reminded of God. I recall a verse about the flowers of the field, and how beautifully they are adorned. This sight today, was no less than spectacular.

And, though I am more likely to dress myself in a pair of jeans, I wonder if I will dress for the occasion when I meet the King face to face. I am blessed to be surrounded by His glory - today in the field and when my time on the earth is done.

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