Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Making Sense of Insanity

I had a lot of "ah-ha" 's during my martial arts class today.... and moments of conviction. It started with my voice cracking as I was going through the student creed. The emotion that burst forth was the same as the emotion that hits me when God has touched my heart with a truth. It's like God is saying to me, "that thing you just said or heard.... look at that!"

I did the quick personal inventory as we were beginning our class with jumping (imaginary) rope - "have I been 'abusive or offensive' ? " Well, certainly, there is always room for improvement at work...

We went through our class, and I finished with a few roundhouse kicks against the bag. In the bathroom afterward, I muttered to myself, "this is insane". And finally, it made sense. I would never be able to understand the things I have been struggling with trying to grasp. They don't make sense. Bottom line.

Along the same lines, many of them will never be "OK". Abuse, assault - against oneself or another - theft, lies.... will never be "OK".

So, as I head back into the world of work, I will walk forward asking Him to be very visible to me - and through me - in the events of the day.

Use me. Let me be Your hands and Your feet. Keep my mind free of the web of insanity.

Lead me.

(and keep me safe....)

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