Wednesday, October 20, 2010


(for those of you outside of the medical - world, let me provide some background information: Debridement (De-breed-ment) is a word that basically means, you take a dirty, perhaps infected wound, and cut all the yuk out of it so that it can heal appropriately....)

OK... now that we're all on the same page....

Today, has been a day of debridement. A day when God has taken the knife to the old wounds, and started to cut out some of the old stuff that doesn't belong there - and inhibits appropriate healing. Some of the 'sugar coating' I'd added to lessen the aches and the pains of a failing marriage have been removed and the truth lays unobscured. *sigh* While time has eased the intensity of the emotion that surfaces, seeing more clearly makes me shake my head in disbelief...

What to say....? Nothing. There is nothing to say.

It is what is is, and I'm grateful to be where I am.

10th Avenue North seems to have summed this one up: "This is where the healing begins..."

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