Friday, October 1, 2010

3rd Grade Project Solution

Well, tonight - for the first time - I felt like we were cruising along on the 3rd grade homework bandwagon. Mind you, my plan-ahead type of personality would have preferred the dioramas to have been completed at least 2 days ago.... but, guess that's something for me to work on.

BUT, tonight I did find a fabulous asset tucked away in the laundry "room". A hot glue gun.

Oh, my what a life saver! (HOW did I ever get through elementary school without one??)

Granted, each of us said "OUCH!" at least once as we came in contact with the "hot" end of the instrument. BUT... SO worth the trouble.

Diorama's complete, two kids and a mom in bed before 10:15pm. How's THAT?


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