Saturday, October 2, 2010

Decisions and Pictures

I sit here with two computers in front of me.... My goal to work on a project on the PC and keep up with Facebook and email on the other. Well.... so much for the plans.

I got a phone call. From that point on, I found myself more fascinated with the screensaver on the PC than anything else. It plays through the thousands of pictures on the hard drive. I've seen pictures of my kids in all stages of their lives. I've seen infants and a little boy in a tae kwon do uniform. I've seen belt ceremonies from karate, and the girl dressed up and swinging around. Toothless and hairless. Doing the things kids do.

The phone call. Their dad. My son has decided to be baptized. I am thrilled for him. It is a great day. The baptism itself will be in December at his dad's church. I just can't wait to talk with him about it when I see him next.

Thank You God, for choosing me to be his mom.... and him to be Your boy.

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