Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trauma Drama

It has certainly been interesting to observe myself these past few weeks. I have been working nearly full time in the Land of Trauma. Our census has been up and our manpower down. In an effort to help my colleagues, I've put in some extra time.

Ultimately, one question is whether it is the schedule or the drama that influences me more. It's not pretty. I have to check my attitude much more frequently, if nothing else.

The taking time away from home is definitely showing - Grateful that there are a few "home days" coming up this week! I am in need of some catch up and clean up!


I am also very aware of what a sheltered and blessed life I live. For starters, I HAVE a home to be away from. I have a job and can meet my basic needs...and even a want or two.

I feel certain, that if I were ever injured and needed a place to stay - or people to come help me in my home, they would be there. Probably, I'd struggle more with my own stupid pride and feelings of responsibility as they insisted on doing my laundry than I would with trying to find someone willing to do it.

I have never had "nowhere to go" and "no one to call". I have never considered prostitution a viable source of income. I've never "lost everything".

My legs - and arms! - work just fine. I can eat without difficulty, and get myself to and from the bathroom. I can use my brain to "think myself out of a box".

Certainly, I have experienced "the other side" of the medical profession. Being a patient is much of what let me to nursing in the first place. But even then, it was different.

It amazes me sometimes -and I just can't wrap my brain around the fact that there are people who are so hopeless that they attempt suicide.

I go back to another Mosaic song I interpreted on Sunday:

"Do you not know? Have you not heard? It's been declared from the beginning...." (It is aptly titled "Isaiah 40")

Wow. I walk out asking Him to show me where He has been in all of this.

And there is the error in my thinking.

I need to ask Him when I walk IN to show me Himself in the day - in each of these scenarios - and to lead me where He would have me,.... in the midst of the Trauma Drama.

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