Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things I Never Expected...

I could go on and on about the things I never expected in my life... NEVER expected.

I never expected to be a part of an ongoing prayer group.... especially one dedicated to pray for the schools. Seriously... people pray for the schools? (never knew it... til I joined it!)

I never expected to write a blog. CERTAINLY never expected to have something to say for nearly two years. And, it never EVER crossed my mind, that what I did say would touch the lives of others...and that they might "post a comment" with a prayer request.

I never expected to be sitting in a girl scout meeting, hearing all about the nuts, candy and magazines that will be our fall fundraiser, and hearing God speak to me.... "right here. right now."

I never expected to hear God speak to me in the first place... but He does, in a multitude of ways. Whether I want Him to or not....

Through the years, I've realized that if I don't listen, try to ignore or pretend I don't hear, He continues to "stalk" me until I do. I've learned it's easier if I just go ahead and DO it.... no matter how much simpler I think my life will be to just sit on my hands. I've learned it is especially true if it is something he has been preparing me for.... for a decade (or more!).

So, I took the first step on faith. Right there. Right then. I will take another tomorrow - already scheduled for 11am. From there, we will see what He has in store for me.

I know He knows me and has a plan for me. I know He hears my prayers, spoken and unspoken. He knows the depths of my heart better than I do. I know He will not lead me to a place that He is not with me.

And know that I do pray for the requests that come through this blog, even though they remain unpublished. I stand on faith knowing that He has already heard those prayers - spoken and unspoken - and that standing together in prayer, He is with us as well. He will not lead you to a place that He is not with you either....

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Jae said...

I love this reminder: He *KNOWS!* me and has a *PLAN!* for me!!

I need the reminder of the intimacy, the closeness, the in-my-head-walking-with-me relationship.

Love you, friend.