Friday, August 20, 2010

A Multitasking Win-Win

I have wondered about this 3rd grade homework situation! It's not that it's HARD, but it is time consuming. And, sometimes, it doesn't seem like there is enough of that to go around. Unfortunately things like 1:1 kid time and snuggle time get pushed aside. :(

So I did a little praying about it - specifically my daughters homework to "read 20 minutes every day". Again, not a lot of time, but...

And, not HARD, - she's a good reader - but.... getting her motivated to pick up her book is another story.

And then it hit me.... we could multi-task it.

I crawl into the chair-and-a-half, and she crawls in beside me. We set my phone timer for 20 minutes, and both pull out our books! (I mean, seriously, WHEN have *I* had 20 minutes to read previously?!)

It has been delightful. We both get to read our own books.... together. It rocks!

Thank You God for that solution! It's working fabulously!

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