Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursdays Return

My Thursdays of Service have returned. I'm glad. I have missed them!

After my Moms in Touch group, I'll head to the school. I would guess - based on previous experience - it will be a day of sorting colors of construction paper, or pulling pages from work books!

The teachers know that there will be parents in to share in "Helping Hands Thursdays", so they set stuff out for us!

This year will be different, I can tell already. For one thing, my MMA class will take up part of that time. For another, my daughter has informed me that I am no longer welcome to eat lunch with her... the seats are reserved for her friends.

I've been waiting for this day, and took it in stride, telling her to let me know if she changes her mind. My boy, of course was WHOOPING with joy at the fact that he wouldn't have to share his mom during lunchtimes.

It's the transition year for me. Their last year at the elementary school before they head to the middle school building. Technically, they'll still be elementary school students, but the building itself runs as a middle school.

So, I wean myself from active participation. I'm not out of the picture by any means, but my days of sorting construction paper into piles of each color are numbered.

It is as it should be....

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