Monday, August 23, 2010

A Gift in Interpreting

I think one of the greatest gifts that has been given to me is my willingness to interpret. It certainly has brought me many blessings - and is a never ending opportunity to learn and connect with God.

Sunday morning, I had the opportunity to interpret a new song - TWICE - The Stand by Hillsong United.

It is a song the perfectly demonstrates the need to focus on the content of a song one is interpreting, as the word "stand" itself means several different things at different places in the song..

It was also a song that reminds me of how worshiping American Sign Language can bring the meaning closer to the heart, and the heart closer to God.

Several times during the song, I could feel it. Those times when the concept coming off of my hands was so much deeper for me than the words that were being voiced. Those times when God was seemingly talking to me right there on the box - through the music, through the lyrics, and through the signs that came off of my hands.

As the song progressed and I continued, "What can I say?" And as I stood there in the silent moment before the next line, my hands still up, my shoulders shrugging "what?" I knew the answer. "nothing." I got the same reply in response to the next question - "What can I do?" And then suddenly "OH! I know..." I can offer my heart completely to You....

I remember standing there "arms held high and heart abandoned" - which for me was "crying out" - feeling the total awe of the next line. I expounded on "the One who gave it all" by signing that "He had come and died in my place", or "was crucified in my place". That's powerful stuff.

It keeps me humble. It keeps me in awe.... and many days it keeps me in tears.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve and to worship in this way. May I never take it for granted!

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