Tuesday, August 10, 2010

That 'Crick' in My Back....

I noticed I had that crick in my back again - midback, just below the shoulder blades. Some yoga twists and some free swinging rotation seemed to improved it, but I knew exactly what needed to happen to make it go away. That crick in my back means something.

It means - apparently - I have begun sleeping on two pillows again... on my side. It means I spend my hours sleeping in a way that hurts me physically. Amazingly, one night with just one pillow cured me right up.

I don't know when it began exactly, the sleeping with two pillows. I can tell you exactly when the pain started.... and when it went away.

I expect the same thing goes for me spiritually. Old patterns sneak in, and I don't realize it until there is a pang.

This time it was a longing.... and un-nameable longing. Fortunately, I knew exactly what to do to remedy that situation as well. (after, of course considering a couple other options - neither of which satisfied). Preparing for my stay in the school car-rider line, I grabbed for something to read. First two option didn't excite me.

Finally I asked myself.... "what do you WANT to read?"

I grabbed my bible and headed out the door.

"Curiously enough", the pages I was to read were exactly what I needed to hear.

Thank You God!!

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