Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Taking Time.....What I am "Wanting"...

I had the opportunity to be coached during my class. Wow....

"What is it you are wanting?" she asked me. My first thought "a minute to think...." Coincidentally, I had 10. The purpose of those minutes, nothing but thinking. (well, and talking....)

I reminded myself again about the difference between "urgent" and "important".

I reminded myself again that quiet time and self care are "important". Most of the "to do" 's are just that.... something to do. Some of them have actual deadlines, most are self-imposed.

Patience with myself. A moment of peace. An morning to let the thoughts running through my head and the information I have been given to have a voice.

There is much there ready to spring forth. I just need to be still, and breathe.

(and fortunately enough, I see that happening, VERY soon....)

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