Sunday, August 29, 2010

Caught in Our Habits

I was dropping a child off to her mom, when she greeted me with a reusable grocery bag that she held bunched at the top. "I thought you might like to see this!" She knows me - knows my love for nature.

As she opened the bag, I grabbed my phone to take a picture. It was a sweet little humming bird that had been trapped in her garage. The bird had apparently been following it's instincts to fly UP when it felt itself to be in danger, or need to flee. Unfortanately for humming birds, garages have ceilings.

As I left, she smiled and said "I'm sure it's a blog post...." Certainly. It just took me a couple of days to figure it out exactly.

Over the next few days I kept being included in discussions about habits and changing habits. Ah. So that is what it is. Our habits become somewhat instinctual if we let them rule. If they are "good" habits, that's not a problem. It's letting our "bad" habits become instinctual that becomes a problem.

So as I think back over the years - I have been successful in changing some "bad" habits, and continue to work on changing others.

If nothing else, when I am in situations where "bad" habits have dominated, I am learning to pause, look around and ask God for guidance and direction before I jump to the instinct.

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