Thursday, August 26, 2010

Moments of Simple Joy: The breeze

There was a definite theme today: My gratitude for the breeze.

I noticed it several times: on my walk, sitting at my computer, sitting at the table to eat. It's here and the temperatures and humidity are down enough that I can have my windows open. So, as I pass from room to room, I notice the breeze and the way it gives life to my house.

Ever since my days in "the womb house", the breeze has reminded me of the Hand of God. While I was living there, I would walk daily on an abandoned railroad track turned walking trail. Day after day, as I approached the trestle bridge, the breeze would brush the hair out of my face. It was like the Hand of God was making itself known to me in a very real way. I'd quicken my pace as I approached, and I am sure even said "hi..." aloud from time to time.

It's still like that. I love the breeze. I love how it reminds me of the tenderness that God has extended my way. I love how it's presence in my home and just at the right time when I am walking or mowing reminds me of the presence and perfect timing of God in my everyday life.

Right here, right now. Here with me.

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