Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Future or the Past

My son was reading a book - a create-your-own-ending sort of book. So, when he got to the page where he had to choose the next move, he asked me, "Mom, which would you prefer: the past or the future?"

Very quickly, I answered.

"The past."

And then I thought for a moment. Seriously? The past? Really?

It's funny that I found myself saying that so quickly, because there's not that much of the past that I'd love to relive.... or revisit. There are a few things, yes, but not a lot. (Though, I would like to visit high school for a bit - so long as I could bring my 40-year-old wisdom with me! Without it, NO WAY!)

The future is where my dreams lie. It is where His plans for me become reality.... sort of. I think the truth of the matter is that His plans for me become reality TODAY - as I step toward Him and His calling for me. But, the future is where I will realize them.

May I keep my eyes upon You and where You are leading.

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